Incentives and Financing

Let us help you reduce your energy usage and operating costs so you can focus on growing your business. Working in partnership with New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP), our 0% APR On-Bill Repayment Program (OBRP) can help make upgrading to high-efficiency natural gas equipment more affordable.


From local boutiques to neighborhood convenience stores – SAVEGREEN on Main can help your small business become energy-efficient. Designed for businesses with annual energy usage of less than 5,000 therms, this program helps eliminate the cost barriers to your building’s energy improvements with upfront rebates and 0% APR financing to help reduce energy costs and your bottom line.

Highlights include:

  • No-cost energy analysis with recommended improvements and a cost-benefit analysis*
  • Upfront 20 percent incentive — to minimize out-of-pocket expenses*
  • Up to $50,000 financing at 0% APR through NJNG’s On-Bill Repayment Program*
  • Potential to achieve performance incentive of 10 percent of total project costs for each of the first three years of participation
  • All projects include the installation of a smart thermostat for compatible heating systems

Direct Install

This program is designed for existing small to mid-sized facilities with an average peak electric demand that did not exceed 200 kW in any of the preceding 12 months. SAVEGREEN provides upfront incentives to remove the cost of constraints for participating in the Direct Install from NJCEP. This affordable turnkey solution starts with a free energy assessment of your building and is designed to reduce costs by replacing lighting, HVAC systems and other outdated operational equipment including refrigeration, with energy-efficient alternatives.

Highlights include:

  • NJCEP will pay up to 70 percent of retrofit costs. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • With SAVEGREEN’s OBRP, you can finance the balance at 0% APR for three years.*
  • Work with NJCEP’s network of participating independent contractors.*

NJ SmartStart Buildings®

Whether renovating an existing space or upgrading equipment, this program provides an opportunity to upgrade the energy efficiency of your project. NJCEP provides individual energy efficiency rebates to help you achieve substantial energy savings, both now and for many years to come.

Highlights include:

  • Receive NJCEP rebates for eligible commercial energy-efficient equipment.*
  • With SAVEGREEN’s OBRP, you can finance the balance up to $130,000 at 0% APR for 10 years.*
  • Choose your own contractor.
We’re here to help. Contact Ray at 848-206-8406 with questions and to get your project started.

*NJNG makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, as to the fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability of the energy analysis services, or the completeness or amount of energy savings resulting from an audit/analysis through SAVGREEN on Main. Estimates of energy savings are generalized, and no particular amount of energy savings is promised or guaranteed. See OBRP application for terms and conditions. Smart thermostats are not compatible with all heating systems.

*Direct Install pays up to 70 percent of the project costs. Qualified NJNG customers may be eligible to finance the balance at 0% APR for three years with no fees, points or closing costs. Learn More if you would like to use your own contractor. NJNG customers participating in SmartStart may be eligible for up to $130,000 (net of NJCEP incentives) through NJNG’s OBRP at 0% APR fixed rate for ten years with no fees, points or closing costs (e.g., 120 monthly payments of $8.33 per $1,000 OBRP amount).

To qualify for the NJNG 0% APR OBRP, customers must have a good payment history with NJNG and no bankruptcies in the past 10 years. See OBRP application with terms and conditions. All offers are subject to available funding. NJNG reserves the right, with approval from the State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, to terminate, modify, suspend or extend this rebate program. Direct Install and SmartStart are administered through NJCEP. NJNG provides financing for these programs.